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Foodie Friday – Nation’s Burger

Went to Nations during the week and got to enjoy this yummy burger and chili fries. They only thing I would say is DO NOT get whole grilled onions. It wasn't too good because there's that extra thin film on the onions that they didn't peeled off so it was all stiff and gross.


Santa Con 2018 – Fail?

So this was my first year attending Santa Con in San Francisco and it was....interesting and sort of a fail. Lol Initially I didn't plan on going because the idea of crowded places does not excite me. Haha but my friend randomly hit me up and I agreed since I haven't been to one before.… Continue reading Santa Con 2018 – Fail?


Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)

Can I just start off with, THIS PLACE SUCKS! If you're looking to be treated like crap then feel free to come here. This is a little throw back, but it's a Pho restaurant in Hawaii call Pho To Chau located in Chinatown. So earlier on our trip to Hawaii, my parents wanted to come… Continue reading Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)


Jingle Ball 2018 – Thank You iHeartRadio/Wild 94.9

I just want to give a huge thanks to iHeartRadio for sending me to Jingle Ball during the weekend! If you go on their website there's contests you can enter and I was lucky enough to be chosen! Here are some photos from the event and I got to listen to so many great artists!… Continue reading Jingle Ball 2018 – Thank You iHeartRadio/Wild 94.9