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Glossier Review – New York

Took a trip to New York and obviously I had to go to Glossier! Not only because I wanted to try out their products, but their store is sooooo cute and instagramworthy! If I could I honestly would buy everything in the store, but I had to limit myself so I only purchased two items. The Balm dotcom and the mascara.

I’ll start off with the balm. First of all, its a balm so it has many purposes to it. I think a lot of people mainly uses it as a lip balm (because that’s what I’m using it for), but you can basically use this balm anywhere. i.e cuticles, lips, elbows, etc.. They had around… 5 scents, but I decided to choose rose because it’s really subtle.

As for price, I believe it was $12. In my opinion a little pricey for a lip balm and I just really wanted to get something. Also, I would recommend buying it online as they offer more deals and discounts.


  • The texture is thick (kind of like vaseline), but a good thick because it’s not slimey or oily
  • Packaging is simple and portable
  • Since it’s in a tube you can really squeeze every bit of it
  • VERY moisturizing and hydrating
  • Universal – you can use it anywhere/everywhere on your body
  • Smells good

Cons: nothing!!!

Click here to check out the balm dotcom skin salve.

Time for this super cute and sleek Glossier mascara!! woohoo!! So, one thing I love about Glossier was that they only have one kind of mascara. So it made choosing sooooo much easier!!!! It’s not like other brands where they have different types of wands and different color. No. Only one kind and your decision making it done. (Price: $16)


  • Packaging is sleek and simple
  • The wand is awesome! It lengthen and separate your lashes perfectly
  • The formula is great! Doesn’t smudge or get flakey
  • Is it waterproof? Tbh I haven’t tested it out, so I’m not sure on that

Cons: Honestly….nothing… like what?!?!

Click here to check out the mascara.

Overall, I LOVE both of these products soooo much!! Will have to come back and try out their other products!

Have you tried any of the Glossier products? If so, which ones? Feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂


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