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5 Instagram (Tourist) Worthy Spots in New York

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was by far one of my favorite parts during my time in New York. It was super pretty and the walk was not bad at all. (A little cold and crowded, but totally bearable) Honestly…..did you even go to New York if you didn’t go on the Brooklyn Bridge? haha Just keep in mind that one lane is for walking and the other is for bikes so you may get yelled at by the bikers if you’re in their way.

2. Cha Cha Matcha

If you’re down for a cutesy instagrammable cafe like place then Cha Cha Matcha is definitely the place. I didn’t get any good photos because the place was super crowded and the seating area inside was limited. But almost everything in there is pink. They have neon signs and if I remembered correctly a grass wall? But beware of the crowd!! Oh and the drinks were pretty good too!

3. The Line Store (Time Square)

Every question where that big bear is from? Well it’s located in this store called The Line Store in Time Square. Everything is super cute and asian if you’re into that. And trust me….the bear is HUGE.


To make things clear…..this is NOT the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s actually the Bridge next to the Brooklyn Bridge. You may seen this everywhere, but it’s a cute little one way street where you get an awesome shot of the bridge right in the center between these two brick buildings.

5. The Oculus

Lastly, the Oculus! If you didn’t know (b/c i didn’t) this is actually a mall!! (Westfield mall to be exact) This shot was taken right on top inside the mall. This spot gets super busy, so to avoid the crowd perhaps go at a later hour. I went around 10pm (I think) so there was barely anyone there.

Obviously, there is tons of places in New York that you can get instagram worthy photos, but during my stay there these would have to be my top 5.


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