Arctic Fox – Pastel Pink Hair


Step 1:
Shampoo and dry hair thoroughly.  Do NOT use conditioner.
Step 2:
Use coconut oil (or protective cream) around hairline and on ears to prevent staining of the skin (optional).
Step 3:
Remove bottle cap and inner seal.
Step 4:
Wear protective gloves for application, and pour desired amount into bowl.
Step 5:
Apply color evenly with color brush.  Begin at the root of the hair and work it evenly through to the ends. Start nape of the neck and work upwards through the head and be sure to completely saturate the hair shaft.
Step 6:
Place a plastic cap over the hair and leave color on for at least 1/2 hour or more.
Step 7:
Rinse hair in tepid H2O thoroughly, until the water runs clear.
Click here to see full instructions on their website.

This is the color of the dye mixed with conditioner. This photo has no filter to show what it actually looks like (kind of a hot pink) (I also mixed it with Dove hair conditioner – white conditioner is preferable)

The Results:

So this is what my hair ended up looking like. Kind of a tropical orange pink. Granted if the dye was on evenly it would have been more pink but that’s okay because I still love it! (Also depends how light/blonde your hair is)

This is my hair before to show how bleach it was. As you can see the front hair is more blonde so it turned out more pink than the rest.

If you’re trying to achieve a pastel pink I would recommend having the dye mix be a little darker only because it will fade after every hair wash. I wanted my pink to last longer so after…..4-6 washes my hair ended being the ideal pink that I wanted.


Is it necessary to shampoo before dying your hair?

– In my case I would say no. I actually was applying the product on day 3 hair and the color is still super vibrant.

Is a diluter necessary?

– No, to achieve the pastel pink color I just diluted it with white conditioner and it was totally fine.

What’s the ratio of conditioner and the dye?

– This is all eyeballed. I just keep on adding conditioner and dye until I get the color I like. Keeping in mind that this color will fade and may turn out lighter. So I mixed it so the color would be a little darker than my desired color.

Click here to check out the website/hair dye I got.

Feel free to leave a question or comment down below. 🙂


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