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New York 2018

Took a four days trip to New York on December 2018, so here’s a little recap.

The Oculus

If you read my other blog post then you would know this is a mall that literally every tourist goes to for pictures. It just looks nice. haha

9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 memorial is actually located right next to the Oculus/West Field mall. It’s literally a block away and the fountain is huge.

Manhattan Bridge/Brooklyn Bridge + DUMBO

We actually wasn’t planning on riding the carousel, but a group approached us and asked if we wanted free tickets, so….you know…..why not?

We walked on the Brooklyn Bridge!!! Yes!!!! This was literally on my to do list before I came to New York. From the outside the bridge looks mehh…but when you’re actually walking on it….man….it’s awesome! It’s super packed with people too, so be careful!




Unfortunately,  these are the only pictures I got of my food. haha The ice creams were super good (sadly I don’t remember what the place was called), but it was located in New Jersey. The bottom was a brunch place called Rubys and it was super good!! No wait either!

So that’s my little recap of New York and if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave one below. 🙂


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