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Fairbanks, Alaska 2019


We celebrated my friend and I late/early birthday with a trip to Fairbank, Alaska. Yay!! In the beginning we were a little unsure if this was a good idea,mainly because it’s in January and we weren’t too sure what the weather would be like. But we YOLO and took our chances.

Initially we were going to uber to the hot spring once we landed, but it wasn’t until the week before our trip that we decided to get a car rental (which btw was THE BEST decision we made) because we weren’t too sure if uber was available AND if the driver would be willing to drive 1 hour there.

Right when we landed we made a quick stop at Safeway to grab some food and water because we weren’t too sure if the Chena Resort would have that many supplies for us. After the Safeway run we decided to get dinner at this yummy sushi restaurant. (Which I will be writing a separate post for later)

The drive to Chena wasn’t too bad especially since we were driving at night too. We got lucky that it wasn’t snowing and the road was pretty clear. The drive from Fairbank’s airport to Chena took us about 1.5 hours, BUT we did see a moose on our drive there, which was pretty cool and scary. haha

Our 1st full day at the resort we decided to go Dog Sledding, which you can read my post about the sled ride and more about Chena Hot Spring here.

After staying at the resort we spent our last night downtown at Merriot, which we TOTALLY love!!! And regret not staying longer!!! So if you’re thinking about staying at Chena or somewhere downtown, TBH I would say don’t waste too much time at Chena especially if you’re only planning on using the hot spring.

If I could change the trip, I would have booked all nights at the Merriot and get a car rental and drive to Chena for a day and drive back to stay downtown.

Overall, Alaska was pretty cool. Sad that we didn’t get to see the Aurora, but that’s okay because that just mean we’ll need to plan a trip to Iceland to see it. haha

Oh! And don’t forget to bring your Costco card if you have one!!! The Costco there is awesome!!! No lines, no one fighting for the samples AND did i mention that Alaska has NO TAX!!! So shop all you want and bring an extra empty carry on with you!!! haha

See you soon Alaska! You’ll be missed!

Feel free to leave a comment or question below! I’ll love to chat with you! 🙂


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