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Philz Coffee Weekend – SF

  If I didn't express how much I love Philz Coffee, let me tell you one more time that I LOVE Philz! To be honest, I am not a coffee person. I drink it here and there for fun, but I don't need to rely on it to stay awake. Anyways...with that being said I… Continue reading Philz Coffee Weekend – SF


Avocado Toast – Foodie Friday

I was looking through my phone and saw this yummy "avocado toast" that I made a while ago. And after seeing this photo I think I might have to go back onto that hype. haha So this is slightly different than a normal avocado toast for instant...there's no toast. So it's a great snack/breakfast for… Continue reading Avocado Toast – Foodie Friday


Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)

Can I just start off with, THIS PLACE SUCKS! If you're looking to be treated like crap then feel free to come here. This is a little throw back, but it's a Pho restaurant in Hawaii call Pho To Chau located in Chinatown. So earlier on our trip to Hawaii, my parents wanted to come… Continue reading Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)