Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)

Can I just start off with, THIS PLACE SUCKS! If you're looking to be treated like crap then feel free to come here. This is a little throw back, but it's a Pho restaurant in Hawaii call Pho To Chau located in Chinatown. So earlier on our trip to Hawaii, my parents wanted to come… Continue reading Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)

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MOTN – Date Night

Just wanted to share my makeup of the night. Keeping it natural, but with some lashes. I think it turned out pretty well and it looks a lot better in person FYI. Haha Oh, and if you're wondering these selfies were taken on my Sony Mirrorless camera. Got some raw oysters!! They were so good… Continue reading MOTN – Date Night