Arctic Fox – Pastel Pink Hair

Instructions: Step 1: Shampoo and dry hair thoroughly.  Do NOT use conditioner. Step 2: Use coconut oil (or protective cream) around hairline and on ears to prevent staining of the skin (optional). Step 3: Remove bottle cap and inner seal. Step 4: Wear protective gloves for application, and pour desired amount into bowl. Step 5:… Continue reading Arctic Fox – Pastel Pink Hair

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Emporium SF – Arcade Bar

Checked out emporium for the first time and it was pretty cool! It's an arcade bar located near the mission (I think). Stock up your quarters because almost every game is ONLY 25 cents!!! They have a varieties of arcade games. From donkey Kong,street fighters, Tetris, pac man and even shuffle board! Definitely will come… Continue reading Emporium SF – Arcade Bar