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New York 2018

Took a four days trip to New York on December 2018, so here's a little recap. The Oculus If you read my other blog post then you would know this is a mall that literally every tourist goes to for pictures. It just looks nice. haha 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 memorial is actually located right… Continue reading New York 2018


Arctic Fox – Pastel Pink Hair

Instructions: Step 1: Shampoo and dry hair thoroughly.  Do NOT use conditioner. Step 2: Use coconut oil (or protective cream) around hairline and on ears to prevent staining of the skin (optional). Step 3: Remove bottle cap and inner seal. Step 4: Wear protective gloves for application, and pour desired amount into bowl. Step 5:… Continue reading Arctic Fox – Pastel Pink Hair

Adventure · New York

5 Instagram (Tourist) Worthy Spots in New York

The Brooklyn Bridge The Brooklyn Bridge was by far one of my favorite parts during my time in New York. It was super pretty and the walk was not bad at all. (A little cold and crowded, but totally bearable) Honestly.....did you even go to New York if you didn't go on the Brooklyn Bridge?… Continue reading 5 Instagram (Tourist) Worthy Spots in New York


Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)

Can I just start off with, THIS PLACE SUCKS! If you're looking to be treated like crap then feel free to come here. This is a little throw back, but it's a Pho restaurant in Hawaii call Pho To Chau located in Chinatown. So earlier on our trip to Hawaii, my parents wanted to come… Continue reading Foodie Friday – (SUCKS) Pho To-Chau (Hawaii)