2018 All Time Beauty Favorites

A little late on this, but here's my 2018 top 5 all time beauty favorites. 1. Origin Charcoal Face Mask Click here to read my review 2. Glossier Dot Lip Balm Click here to read my review 3. Soap and Glory Body Lotion Ahhhh!! I discovered this when I purchased the Soap & Glory set… Continue reading 2018 All Time Beauty Favorites


Arctic Fox – Pastel Pink Hair

Instructions: Step 1: Shampoo and dry hair thoroughly.  Do NOT use conditioner. Step 2: Use coconut oil (or protective cream) around hairline and on ears to prevent staining of the skin (optional). Step 3: Remove bottle cap and inner seal. Step 4: Wear protective gloves for application, and pour desired amount into bowl. Step 5:… Continue reading Arctic Fox – Pastel Pink Hair


Garnier Whole Blend Deep Conditioner Hair Mask

So I saw this hair mask on sale for ~$3 and I decided to give it a try since it was so cheap. Let me let you......this is by far one of my favorite deep conditioner that i've tried so far! It's super hydrating and it smells so good! (coconut, but not over powering) Texture… Continue reading Garnier Whole Blend Deep Conditioner Hair Mask